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Patricia Arquette and

Date: March 28th, 2010
From: Frank Darabont.
Friends, this is a superbly worthy (and time-wise urgent) humanitarian effort being spearheaded by my friend Patricia Arquette and her colleagues. 
I'm making a donation and forwarding her email on to everybody I know. I hope you'll do the same. If you can't afford a donation, at least forward this on, would you?
Be advised that their "" website doesn't connect through Google yet, so just type it into your internet browser box (the top bar on your screen when you go online).
----- Original Message -----
Sent: Sunday, March 28, 2010 8:49 AM
Hi Everybody,

I want you to know about the project I have implemented to help the people in Haiti. The project is called GIVE LOVE. I feel very proud to be a part of this project because what we are creating will provide a solution to a very serious problem. I just got back from visiting Haiti and the site which will be used for our project. After seeing everything firsthand, I am more determined then ever to help the women and children I met there.The outline for the project is included below.  Please visit our website, the address is located at the bottom of the email, and spread the word! This project will be a success with the help of all of my friends and your wonderful generosity. You can be assured that every penny raised and spent for this project will be overseen by me. 

Give Love,


What Program in Haiti? Who specifically will this Help?
I am working with a man named Boby Duval who was a political prisoner for years. Upon his release he decided to help the children of Haiti. His program  L' Athletique D'Haiti ( LADH) is a school , afternoon soccer and hot lunch program in Cite D'Solei. The most notoriously dangerous slum in Haiti. He has been feeding hundreds of kids daily for years.It is the only playground in the area. He has displaced  families from the quake living  in a tent camp on his field. He has given us a plot of land to relocate 400 people.

When / Who ?
Our desire is to relocate family groups with the highest numbers of women and children.This must happen before the rainy seasons begin. With the rains will come disease.The most vulnerable to disease will be the children .The women are also at high risk.Rapes are increasing in frequency and they are being forced to trade sex for food tickets to feed their kids.
pic's from the site-

 3 kids with tents,  farmer next door who gave us seeds,  women in food lines,child with sponge bob shirt standing on our site


Boby Duval has given us a place to set up 50 retrofitted shipping container homes to house 400 people.We are purchasing them in Haiti and the Dominican Republic,Our first 2 prototypes are finished and were approved by our Architect.We will work with Haitian and American welders to do all finishing work on site.
container ver2-1.2.jpgcontainer ver2-1.1.jpg
Each home will have an outhouse and rainwater reclamation gutters.They will have holding tanks and water filtration devises. Women will be able to lock doors at night as some protection from rape.

                   *We have been given this land for 2 years. After 2 years 22 of the containers will be donated to the LADH school/soccer program.We feel it is    important to support this vital service they provide the community.  The rest we will try to relocate for the families living in them - if land can be sourced, or donated as school clusters, orphanages, public clinics,or libraries (there is only 1 in port au' prince)
                  *We will set up communal food/medicinal herb gardens,vertical gardens to show how to garden in a high density urban model.
                 Our village is a model laboratory to find long term solutions for Haiti- with the help of the residents

                 *We will test out sanitation solutions- thermophalic composting,biogas digesters .We are working with local sanitation groups to devise models that could be replicable to worldwide slums and disaster camps.
                 *We will test alternate cooking fuels to charcoal ( the main reason for Haiti's deforestation) - testing  biogas digestors,denatured alcohol, rocket and inexpensive solar ovens,as well as fresnel lenses to heat water at the villages 2 water wells.
                * We will incorporate grey water filtration for washing water- test bike operated washing machines.
                * develop films to be shown in tent camps  projected from portable dvd players introducing recycling and other sanitation systems.

                 * support local farmers by creating mico-agricultural programs to encourage more food growth in Haiti.

                 * use work programs to pay local Haitian's for work needed. All of the village people will be taught all aspects of our systems.In the hopes that when they move on to their own communities later they will have expertise in all of these areas.Men and women  equally will  be hired in work programs.

                   * Christopher Robertson - Architect who has donated his services, designed units, made site grading plans,designed water well/ bathing /washing stations and outhouses.

                  * Nance Klehm-  Eco-Guerilla/artist/teacher/farmer- She has years of experience composting  human waste.She has written many articles and has had laboratory tests to confirm that the end compost is free of all human pathogens. Nance has lived off the grid for years. She is an expert in water movement and filtration.She has been meeting with local farmers, sharing seeds, compiling lists of medicinal herbs that are used in the region.She has taken data of cultural diets and dishes for our vegitable gardens.Not to mention ested to well water to choose plants that will be specifically hearty in the region.
                   *Cosmo Pfell- Cosmo is our logistics Coordinator and Project director.Cosmo has worked in disaster relief in the gulf coast after Katrina,in Rwanda, and most recently in Crow Creek south Dakota working with the Lakota Sioux building a community greenhouse.

                   * John and Jack Rose-They have been working in disaster ares all over the world. Giving people in need filtration systemsThey have given out thousands of filters in Haiti. .We have their devises for each household.
                   * Alisa Keesey- Alisa is our Project Coordinator .She has over 15 years of experience with her own NGO in Uganda.She has run several long term projects in rural development,agriculture,and conservation. She has managed many operating budgets and is experienced in monitoring and evaluation,and field assessment.

                   * Rosetta & Balthazar Getty- Parent's of 4 children, will be leading up our fundraising team. They have been donating time to  philanthropic causes all of their lives.

                 * Patricia Arquette- is persistant.


You cannot find the website through Google yet as our site was only made active yesterday. You will have to type in the name in the very top bar to find it.  SPREAD THE WORD...


This article was published on Sunday 28 March, 2010.
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